Content: 100% cashmere

Fabric Origin: England

Materials Origin: Central Asia

Features: Ultra-lightweight insulation, extremely soft hand, dense weave, substantial drape.

Noah’s English Cashmere represents the culmination of thousands of years of tradition and refinement. Wool from cashmere goats has been used to make clothing since pre-biblical times. Its long, downy fibers have a natural crimp that traps tiny pockets of air, imbuing its yarn with a unique loft and up to three times the insulation power of regular wool. Combined with its legendary softness and surprising strength, it’s easy to see why this material spawned a global industry. Add to this the patient traditions of English craftsmanship, where Yorkshire mills have been operating for hundreds of years in defiance of globalization, and you’ve got one of the most rare, highest-quality fabrics available. This cashmere won’t pill or run like the flimsy, brushed varieties that saturate the lower end of the market. Its natural resilience and expert construction will last for years.