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We don’t think of clothing as disposable, or even particularly seasonal. We encourage people to buy only things they truly love. But sometimes you fall out of love; sometimes you outgrow a certain garment, either physically or emotionally. We know there’s no shortage of options when it’s time to move on, either by reselling stuff online or seeing what you can get from a vintage store. But we’d like to offer an alternative for used Noah items: bring or send them home.

We’ll treat them right. We made them, after all, and we have a lot of love for the things we’ve made. In return for reuniting us with our designs, we’ll give you credit towards a new Noah purchase.

What we’re really excited about is finding ways to keep our clothes in use, rather than forgotten or thrown away. This could mean a few things, depending on what you bring back and what kind of condition it’s in:

  • Some items will be washed, repaired and resold by us
  • Others will be donated to organizations like New York Cares, which specializes in effectively getting used clothing to people in need.
  • Anything we decide isn’t wearable (or able to be repaired) will go to recycling markets to be converted into wiping rags, or shredded for low-grade fiber products, like insulation.
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Used Noah items can be returned either in-person or be shipped to our Flagship store in New York at: 195 Mulberry Street, New York, NY 10012. For shipped items, please include your name and email address so that your credit can be provided.

Credit for repurposed items, which can be used either at our flagship or online stores (not partner or stockist locations) will be based on the following scale:

Not Dead Yet - Scale

The recycling program does not include bags, hats, beanies swimsuits, accessories or jewelry. Items eligible for credit must have a logo or composition tag intact. Noah reserves the right to refuse some items.

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