Fabric#Cashball Recycled Cashmere Insulation

Content: 95% Recycled Cashmere, 5% Nylon

Origin: Italy

Features: Ultra-lightweight insulation, compressible, breathable, moisture-wicking. Animal and eco-friendly.

This innovative fill leverages the unique properties of cashmere in an eco- and animal-friendly way by using pre-consumer waste as a raw material for insulation. As an alternative to down or synthetics, Recycled Cashmere Down has a number of advantages: It’s cruelty-free (since cashmere is humanely harvested, unlike some live-plucked waterfowl downs), environmentally friendly (since its primary material is the excess left behind in the cashmere refining process), and offers the lightweight, compressible, breathable warmth cashmere is famous for. It’s effective even when wet, draws moisture away from the body, and keeps its shape.