Fabric#Brushed-Back Fleece

Content: 100% cotton

Fabric Origin: Canada

Weight: 12 oz

Features: Double-faced fabric with dense jersey knit on one side, and brushed, fleecy nap on reverse.


“Brushed-back” refers to the finishing technique used on this dense cotton material. Millions of tiny loops are knit into one side of the fabric. Mechanical brushes then break and distress these loops to create a downy nap. This adds thickness without adding weight, and mimics the texture of wool fleece by allowing body heat to be trapped in the microscopic spaces between fibers. The result is heavy-duty, double-sided cotton that delivers nearly as much warmth as wool. The best cotton fleece, like the one we use at Noah, features a dense exterior with a notably dry hand, backed by ultra-soft fuzz that feels almost warm to the touch.