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This Tee is Garbage

This tee is garbage. Literally. The jersey is made up of the waste yarns from other cotton productions. But make no mistake about it, the end result is a high-quality cotton tee to rival any other. The weight, hand feel, and durability make this tee an instant modern classic.

We recognize that as a company, the decision to develop this tee is a drop in the ocean when it comes to solving the global environmental crisis. It's genuinely irrelevant on its own.

We as producers need to take the small steps of producing products differently and as consumers, we need to buy less things and keep them longer. If you don't care about responsible consumption that’s OK too. You can rely on the fact that it will be one of the best basic tees you've ever owned.

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NOAH - This Tee is Garbage
  • Cotton

    100% Recycled Cotton

  • Origin

    USA (Los Angeles)

  • Weight

    6.5 oz

  • Features

    Structured, Yarn-Dyed, Durable, Crisp