Voit Duck Feet - Cover

Voit Duck Feet

Voit has been making sports equipment since 1922, and was among the first companies to make diving equipment in the U.S.A. From dive watches to swim trunks, scuba masks, and other gear, the brand name quickly became popular with watermen of the era. Their fins have changed slightly over time, but the UDT model, short for Underwater Demolition Team has remained largely the same.

The Navy UDT, commonly referred to as frogmen, were established during World War II to assist the military with amphibious missions. Tasked with going in ahead of the full force of the mission to clear out debris or make way for ships to land on beaches or waterfronts, their tasks were equally technical and hazardous. The grueling training new UDT recruits went through is what began the Navy tradition now known as “Hell Week.” The specialized training and equipment used by the UDT teams set them up as a precursor for the teams now known as Navy SEALs.

While the Underwater Demolition Teams were eventually phased out, a new group quickly found use for their durable, hard finned but soft pocket fins. The hydrodynamic fins quickly became the standard for bodyboarders, pushing the sport to a whole new level. The maximum propulsion with minimal effort made catching waves that much easier. Duck Feet, named such for their longer length than the UDT issued fins, makes them ideal for covering long distances, but the same high quality rubber and construction ensures they float if they happen to come loose.

When we were trying to think what else we needed for an ideal day at the beach, we realized one thing was missing. So starting this summer, Voit Duck Feet fins are now available at our New York City flagship. Each pair is still laid by hand and made out of 100% gum rubber. Whether you’ve never used a pair before, or are looking to up your bodysurfing kit to the best you can get, a pair of fins can make any day at the beach that much more fun.