Visiting Tripoli Gallery - 1

Visiting Tripoli Gallery

Photographed by PJ Monte

The East End of Long Island is home to a number of forms of self expression. While surf culture is the most notable, it is also home to many art institutions, satellite art fairs, and galleries, as well as the collectors who patronize them. The worlds of art and surf culture rarely collide, that is of course before our good friend Tripoli Patterson opened his Southampton art gallery in 2009. An East Coast surf Champion, curator, and successful art dealer, Trip has been shaking things up on the island for over a decade, opening his first gallery at the age of 24.

Trip has been a friend of the brand for such a long time, and his personal ethos align with Noah’s core pillars - surfing, art, and an against the grain mentality. Over the years he’s brought a sense of adventure and exuberance to his gallery program - something he developed being exposed to various cultures and ways of living while living in places like Bali as a teen. This approach to art dealing is intentional, and in direct opposition to the relentlessly pretentious art world most on the island are familiar with. Running a gallery more heavily centered on the art-viewing experience - and where money is not a top priority - Trip prides himself on creating a welcoming environment for all.

At our second US location, the Noah Hideout out in Amagansett, NY, we strive to bring a similar vibe to the East End. If you’re in the neighborhood stopping by the Hideout, be sure also to visit Trip at the gallery. The current show In Pursuit of Painting is up through mid-July.

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