The Power of Vayu - Cover

The Power of Vayu

Vayu the wind god represents air, breath, space, and the power of weather. His movements from place to place on the earth give him the power to create waves, making him an important deity to surfers.

But when Vayu is displeased, his wrath is capable of creating storms and destruction, and he appears to be angry. He's lashing out in ways unseen before, and changing his movements in reaction to our disrespect for the environment, which is his home. His anger is manifesting itself in the form of unprecedented storms. As surfers, these may occasionally benefit us by producing good waves. But more often than not, we are suffering, especially lately. Vayu is trying to tell us to change our ways before it is too late and his recent movements have forever altered and our lives and thrown the world into turmoil.

We asked members of the regional surf community to don his likeness in a show of respect.