Politics can be a drag. We get it. Sometimes we get so frustrated we just want to tune out. But the truth is - nobody can escape politics in this country - not us as a company, and not you as people. So today, we’re speaking our mind and sharing resources to help you make sure your voice is heard - loud and clear. Because in our mind, you’re either speaking out and making conscious decisions that move the country in the right direction, or you’re letting the rich and powerful in this country decide for us.

And those people, and the companies that make them wealthy, have a lot of sway behind the scenes. They spend a ton of money on campaign donations and lobbyists to influence lawmaking policy in their favor - over $5 billion on this election alone. And it works. It’s why time and time again, we see politicians making decisions that work against the greater good - decisions that fuel social injustice, harm the environment, and undermine the democratic principle of one person, one vote. All for the pursuit of power and profit.

But your voice matters. The people with power know it. The protests this summer have shown that if enough of us speak out, they can’t ignore us. And that’s what we need to do. There has to be an overwhelming voice that we want something better - a more equal and just system that benefits everyone in our country and is committed to reversing the destruction of our planet. This voice has to be so strong that it overcomes any efforts to undermine a fair and free election, and it has to continue until we have a country that works for all of us.

When we went about researching issues at play in the most closely contested states, we landed upon a troubling truth. Four of them are leading the way in making it harder for their people to vote, passing laws that systematically make it harder for young people, working families, and communities of color to vote. One of those laws is called “use it or lose it.”

And even though we think that law is unjust, they’re right - if you don’t use your vote and make your voice heard, you’re letting other people determine the future of this country - including how easy it is to be heard in the future. It’s what people in power are counting on. They’re scared of what might happen if everyone in this country used their voice, so they use everything at their disposal to silence us.

At Noah, we’ve always stood for the idea that people should be free to express themselves - and how they express themselves can make real change. It’s why we do what we do. And we’ve always called upon people to make better choices, to vote with their dollar. To support companies that support ideas that help us all. Now we’re calling on everyone to do what they can to stand up and be counted, and for those who’ve already committed to voting to see what more they can do to amplify their voice.

If you don’t use your vote, you might lose it. It’s that simple. Get out and vote like your life depends on it, because it does.

01. Stand Up and Be Counted

Complete Census

Make sure your household gets counted in the 2020 Census. It determines the level of Federal funding given to your state, how much political influence your state has, and more.


02. Make Your Voice Heard

Develop a Voting Plan and VOTE

Develop a voting plan now if you haven’t already - deadlines for registration are already passing, and if you want an absentee ballot, you probably need to take additional steps. Vote in-person if it’s safe to do so, as soon as you can.


03. Make it Easier for Others

Volunteer as a Poll Worker

Consider volunteering to be a poll worker to make it easier for others to vote.


04. Amplify Your Voice

Volunteer for a Campaign and Share Resources with Voters.

Share resources with other voters, and volunteer for a campaign you believe in - especially at the local level