Tuff Gong - Cover

Tuff Gong

If you’re given the opportunity to build a small collection around the culture and history of Tuff Gong, you take it. Not only is Tuff Gong one of the most important labels in Reggae history, it was also founded by one of the most important people in music, Bob Marley. Our approach to this collection was to pay homage to the style of Bob himself, as well as his contemporaries.

Bob was a special kind of individual—charismatic and genuine, and a positive voice for the people. Our friend Julio (pictured) captures this spirit and applies it in real time today. He's a modern-day renaissance man in the tradition of Bob. He's fit, plays music, and skates as often as possible, all while maintaining a positive energy that is contagious. He was the perfect fit to present our Tuff Gong collaboration.