Transgender Rights Are Human Rights - Cover

Transgender Rights Are Human Rights

Yesterday morning, Trump announced on Twitter his intentions to ban transgender people from serving in the military. This idea is nothing short of un-American at its core and a direct attack at the LGBQT+ community at large. By simply existing in public, transgender people like Anohni of Antohny and The Johnsons singing above, display more courage and bravery than most by stepping out their front door every day. Whether or not we agree with all of our military’s actions past and present, we have nothing but respect those who choose to serve, especially those whose own leaders won’t stand up for them.

The idea that transgendered people in the military would place a financial or operational burden on our armed forces is a fallacy skewed by the perspective of those in power. America operates the wealthiest military on the planet, and the estimated cost of medically supporting the thousands of transgendered troops currently enlisted is less than a quarter of a percent of the US Armed Forces budget.

This plan by Trump was made without the consultation or knowledge of those who lead our military, and is a divisive political move to sway voters. It is inexcusable to dehumanize a population for the sake of political gains. The outpouring of support that was shown for the LGBQT+ community yesterday shows that Trump picked on the wrong group.

So to our transgender friends and followers, please know, you are not a burden. You are loved. You are not alone. We will stand with you.