The Perils of Production - Cover

The Perils of Production

A new day, a new problem. At every point in the chain of clothing production, the potential for human error means that tiny mistakes can sometimes make their way into finished garments. The question we find ourself confronting today is whether such an imperfection, in something we've made, renders that piece of clothing useless.

Our Utility Short arrived with the interior label completely sewn through instead of sewn around the edges. In and of itself, this does not change anything about the short. The interior label has threads from the shorts' waistband going through it, which is a bit unsightly and inconsistent with the interior labels on the rest of our clothes. Apart from that, however, the short is exactly as we intended it to be. There's no doubt that this bothers us aesthetically, but we have to question whether standard industry practice is the best route for us in this case. Most companies would be compelled to either sell this product off to a discount chain, or destroy the entire run so it never reaches the public and therefore can't hurt their good name.

We're a small company with an informed, engaged audience. Destroying the clothes is something we couldn't do in good conscience. To us, it would represent a blatant waste of something we consider totally useful. At the same time, the thought of putting out a product that falls short of our high standards is difficult.

We've decided to sell these shorts at a significant discount from their planned retail price. Instead of $98, we're selling them for $68. We think this accounts for the threads going through the interior label while still delivering you a product that, in every other aspect, is what you'd expect from us: made in Canada, solid construction, high-quality fabric, and smart, functional design. These shorts were always intended to deliver good value, and now they're available for an even lower price. We may not be making our margin, but we think you'll agree that they're too good to waste. As always, we appreciate your interest and support, and look forward to your feedback.