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The Cure

Anyone that has been paying attention knows that the The Cure is my favorite band. Rather than hacking through all of the sordid details of my youth and how The Cure was one of the bands who I felt understood my sorrow, I'd rather focus on you, the reader. I know that nobody wants to hear from some old man, saying "You call that music? I'll tell you about music. In my day, we had this and that and blah blah blah." However, I'm willing to endure the ridicule to pitch you the music of The Cure. I feel confident in this one. They are unique in the history of all music. No one has been able to combine wit and sarcasm, dreamy lyrics, sadness and pop tunes all at the same time like The Cure. They haven't done this just once or twice. They've done it time and time again over the decades. The musicianship and lyrical content combined with uncompromising honesty is unrivaled. Their songs are such a reflection of life that they leave me awestruck. Feeling multiple emotions simultaneously is a reality that is near impossible to capture in a song. The Cure do it every time.

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