Super Natural Psycho - Rendezvous With The Sun - Cover

Super Natural Psycho - Rendezvous With The Sun

In conjunction with Noah NYC, New York’s Super Natural Psycho is pleased to present their debut LP Rendezvous With The Sun. Musicians Reggie McCafferty, Mikey Merante, Darren Nanos, Vrndavana Powell, Mike Rizk, and Bryan Valdivia --who all met through the American hardcore/punk scene, with stints playing in bands like Xibalba, Creem and Attitude -- have grown together, and their sound as Super Natural Psycho draws inspiration from a wide pool of music. The album plays, and you walk between decades. Vrndavana's vocals haunt the recordings, something like Nico on The Marble Index, and you hear the influence from the ‘90s Manchester scene (e.g. The Stone Roses), New York’s counterculture (Patti Smith and The Velvet Underground), and rock staples like the Stones and Stooges, topped off with a peppering of Santana-esque guitar licks. The music they have created does not seek to exist outside of their influences; it aims to converse with it. Their toolbox is enriched with the past as they proceed to freak unique sounds with experimental tunings and frequencies.

The album is the culmination of several years of work and collaboration: touring, writing, recording, rewriting, and rerecording; a trail of demos and singles released independently, and through Pop Wig Records, blaze the journey. Here, in the final product, every element comes together cohesively, thanks to the time and thought, but also, in no small part, due to the complete oversight the band had throughout the entire process. The album was tracked live, a group of musicians sitting in a room playing together, the session presided over by sound engineer Arthur Rizk.

The deep personal relationships among the album’s personnel bring an aura of advertence that lacks increasingly in a world obsessed with immediacy and convenience. Super Natural Psycho’s bench is deep, the liner notes is packed with contributors including members of prominent punk/hardcore bands as well as their friends and family. The album’s DIY spirit is a testament to the fruitfulness of cooperation and community. Rendezvous With The Sun rocks consistently, free of ego.

"Black Cherry" music video directed by George Underwood