Stop the Williams Pipeline

What you can do:

1) Sign this petition. To add your signature you will need to submit your first & last name, an email, and your zip code.

When this was written there were 13,170 signatures collected out of the 25,600 goal. That leaves 12,430 signatures needed. If 20% of our 234k instagram followers signed the petition, the goal would be met. You can help us spread the word through your own social media and if applicable, your company’s social media.

2) Send a comment to the NY Department of Environmental Conservation. Here are the instructions for that.

You can do that or write a letter. Since there are very specific, legal criteria that gives the New York Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC) the power to deny tWilliams’ application, they’ve made easy-to-access, online prompts to help you write your letter. Patagonia stores are currently asking its customers to send comments in the form of a post card.

3) Show up to tomorrow’s DEC Public Hearing in Rockaway. Here is all the info you need for this event.

Last week two public hearings were held in Brooklyn by the NY DEC. The DEC isn’t required to hold hearings on projects like this, so the fact that they’re holding them for this pipeline means that we have their attention and that they’re aware of the massive public opposition to the project. Another hearing will be held in Rockaway tomorrow, March 6th, from 5PM - 8PM. Come and show your opposition to yet another project getting forced on Rockaway for private corporate profit. If you’re able, you can add your voice to the mix by just showing up.

The ‘Stop the Williams Pipeline’ website lays out a handful of important reasons as to why you should actively oppose the pipeline ranging from climate change, harm to human & marine health, safety, and how Williams’ sole customer for gas (National Grid) would pass the price of construction onto its customers. For even more info make sure to watch the video at the bottom of their homepage.