Sometimes you need a little bit of inspiration to guide you through your day, and over the years we’ve kept going back to St. Michael the Archangel. While we don’t consider ourselves to be religious, we do think there are universal truths out there that we feel any person can relate to - and what St. Michael represents is one of those things.

Michael has been part of Western culture for thousands of years and is recognized as one of the important angels by several religions. He’s as strong as they come, and he protects those who need his help. He’s most well known for leading the forces of heaven against evil and is so beloved in the Christian faith that he has been conferred sainthood by various churches - one of the only angels to receive that honor.

St. Michael at the Last Judgment

While the world has changed over the millennia, one thing’s remained constant - we all need someone to fight for us sometime. And we need to find the courage to stick up for others, too. That’s related to another role that Michael plays - at the Last Judgement, he weighs a person’s soul to determine if they’ll go to Heaven - measuring their deeds and actions throughout their lives. Talking the talk doesn’t matter if you don’t walk the walk.

While we don’t think we’re at the end of days now - despite how it feels sometimes - we do think that each day presents us with the opportunity to be both strong and caring. In the fight for social justice, we can be allies, advocates, and accomplices. We can call out people who are doing harm to our planet and the people on it, especially when it’s their job to protect those things. We can support the vulnerable amongst us when times are tough.

That’s a huge part of what the Archangel Michael means to us - this idea of finding our inner strength to stand up for others. And that being a strong leader means having compassion for those you’re in charge of protecting. It doesn’t have to be one angel defending us all - it can be each one of us.