Spring / Summer '22 Sweats - Cover

Spring / Summer '22 Sweats

We’ve never considered sweats “basics.” To us, they’re an important place to incorporate fresh graphics, offer silhouettes and features you don’t usually see, and honor classic quality. Simplicity can often be part of the equation, but that just makes them more versatile. They continue to perform in the world of athletics where they have their origin, but over time we’ve managed to use our creativity to break down the walls and incorporate sweats into our everyday wardrobe.

However you wear them, sweats are a crucial component of American style, and we pay close attention to their sizing, colors, and design. Our Canadian-made versions are best-in-class, and we love evolving the designs each season.

NOAH - SS22 - Sweats - 02

The Snaps Hoodie

Two snaps add simple adjustability for outdoor use. You can keep a surprising amount of heat in just by bringing the hood in a little closer around your neck, and pop it open when you don't need the extra warmth.

NOAH - SS22 - Sweats - 03
NOAH - SS22 - Sweats - 04

The V-Neck Sweatshirt

A striped rib collar in a high v-neck derives from classic sports jerseys, and offers a colorful alternative to the basic crew-neck silhouette.

NOAH - SS22 - Sweats - 05
NOAH - SS22 - Sweats - 06

Graphic Sweats

Printed or embroidered, we've always seen sweats as a canvas for graphics you won't find elsewhere.

NOAH - SS22 - Sweats - 07
NOAH - SS22 - Sweats - 09 NOAH - SS22 - Sweats - 08
NOAH - SS22 - Sweats - 10 NOAH - SS22 - Sweats - 11
NOAH - SS22 - Sweats - 12

The Jacquard Collar Crew Neck

We borrowed this design detail from the early days of skate and surf culture, when creativity and fun were the main inspirations.

NOAH - SS22 - Sweats - 13
NOAH - SS22 - Sweats - 14
NOAH - SS22 - Sweats - 16

The Polo Collar Crew Neck

Take a basic crewneck, add a polo collar in the right color combination, and you've got a modern classic.

NOAH - SS22 - Sweats - 15