Spring Shirting - Cover

Spring Shirting

This season, we challenged ourselves to present a range of shirts that all make use of superior fabrics and show off the possibilities of this category. We haven't reinvented shirts, but what we have done is taken a category that for a long time was reserved as a supporting piece to suiting and make it its own thing.

Our shirts can be worn independently in various ways, each invoking a different mood or feeling, each with a distinct stylistic intention. Whether setting the tone for an outfit, layering, or sitting back to let other pieces shine, when it comes to versatility you can’t beat well-made shirts.

From the rugged durability of our flannels, to our featherweight printed poplin short-sleeves, and our own spin on corduroy or an oxford cloth classic - we are proud of our shirting and will put it against anyone else’s in terms of quality for price.

Sometimes you don’t just want to wear a t-shirt , so here are a few current and upcoming options from our Spring ’22 collection.

NOAH - SS22 - Spring Shirting - 01 NOAH - SS22 - Spring Shirting - 02

This corduroy from Brisbane Moss showcases corduroy’s versatility - it’s both formal and casual, and its midweight makes it work equally well as an overshirt in warmer weather or a midlayer in cooler climes. A floral print adds a touch of its English countryside roots.

NOAH - SS22 - Spring Shirting - 03 NOAH - SS22 - Spring Shirting - 04

While heavier flannels can often serve as an overshirt or even outerwear, our Lightweight Flannel is more like a regular shirt or shirt jacket that we see as perfect for those transitional weather moments, like when a day at the beach extends into a night around a campfire.

NOAH - SS22 - Spring Shirting - 05 NOAH - SS22 - Spring Shirting - 06 NOAH - SS22 - Spring Shirting - 07

The simplest way we can explain this fabric is to ask you to call to mind the most cleanly crisp dress shirt you can imagine - that’s poplin. While it’s incomparable for warm weather shirting, it’s a lot more versatile than that.

NOAH - SS22 - Spring Shirting - 08 NOAH - SS22 - Spring Shirting - 09

This heavier flannel is descended from Navy-issue wool CPO shirt-jackets made for the kind of cold you can only find in the middle of the ocean. Those shirts’ perfect blend of style and utility made them popular with civilians in the ‘60s and ‘70s, when heavyweight plaid flannels were a common sight.

NOAH - SS22 - Spring Shirting - 10 NOAH - SS22 - Spring Shirting - 11

While cotton poplin excels as a dress shirt fabric (like our striped shirts elsewhere in this collection), it’s a lot more versatile than that. For these warm weather shirts, we used a featherweight version for when you want to cover up but not feel stifled. We added prints that go along with the feeling of freedom we have when we wear them.