Spring '23 Corduroy - Cover

Spring '23 Corduroy

We’ve become known for pants - maybe a weird thing to be known for, but it was one of the first product categories people started buying at Noah aside from tees, hoodies and hats. Pants are quite simple but also complicated at the same time. For us it’s about fit and fabric. If you get those two things right, you can do something as simple as a perfect chino or add layers of design. But without those two things being right, the rest doesn’t matter.

Corduroy for spring might seem unexpected, but our medium weight fabric and relaxed fit combines a soft-wearing material with a new pleated 5 pocket fit that gives the silhouette some structure.

NOAH - SS23 - Corduroy - 01
NOAH - SS23 - Corduroy - 02 NOAH - SS23 - Corduroy - 03