Sperry Top-Sider - Cover

Sperry Top-Sider

The idea for the Top-Sider came to Paul Sperry when he slipped on the deck of his sailboat and went overboard into Long Island Sound. Remembering how his cocker spaniel had run down an icy hill without slipping, he created a non-slip sole modeled on the fine grooves he found on its paw pads.
Growing up on Long Island, these shoes were such a staple they crossed tribal bounds -- punks were as likely to wear them as preps. That's the kind of organic, unexpected style germination we live for, and this summer we're proud to take the Top-Sider's evolution a step further: three designs featuring exclusive colorways, top-notch materials, and made-in-the-U.S.A. construction (our versions were hand-sewn and assembled in Maine). 

The Shoes: 
We chose three colorways: Mahogany, Regatta Blue, and Pink Suede. Mahogany and Regatta are made of Horween leather, which is famous for its toughness and flexibility. It's got a notable smoothness right out of the box, and will conform to your foot, developing a beautiful patina over time. A happy accident, the Pink Suede was found sitting on a shelf at the factory in Maine. It's super-soft, comfortable, and an innovative take on the classic boat shoe.
All three versions are embellished with an embossed Noah cross at the heel and on the co-branded insoles. We kept the lacing system in brown leather, rather than the white often used with lighter colors. A natural choice for the Mahogany, it also complements the rich royal blue of the Regatta and the dusty rose of the Pink Suede.
These shoes are handmade by expert leatherworkers and stitchers at the Highland Shoe Co. factory in Maine, where some of the artisans have over 60 years' experience taking Top-Siders from uncut leather to finished shoes. Nothing beats the character and durability of such traditional manufacturing processes, and it's why this tends to be the starting point for the all the footwear we offer at Noah. We're proud to add our Sperry Top-Siders to our growing selection.
The Sweatshirt: 
The logo is the vintage Sperry Top-Sider Cloud with Noah sweatshirt production. Our fleece is made in Canada of open-ended, carded cotton (as opposed to the cheaper ringspun variety), which gives it extra sturdiness and a unique hand: the fabric is tough and soft all at once. We've made this in one color and in limited quantities -- white with navy graphics on the chest -- and the results almost have to be seen in person. The sweatshirt channels the aesthetic of another era while transforming it into something wholly contemporary.