Socks - Cover


It takes a certain type of person to get excited about a good sock.

I am that type of person, which, I suppose, is the kind of weird quirk that pushed me toward a career in clothing. As a consumer, I'm usually disappointed in my sock purchases. I've always wondered how companies could continue to sell crappy socks, yet somehow get customers to buy them again and again. I realized that most people just bought the cheapest thing they could find. The poor quality was something to be accepted, then replaced after a few wears or possibly a few months. While this may have to do with the fact that socks are rarely seen, it always bothered me and I found it unacceptable.

As a result, when it came time for Noah to make socks, we were extremely concerned about the quality and whether we could find a manufacturer that lived up to our standards. In a rare, needle-in-the-haystack scenario, we were able to make these in the USA and still deliver a great sock at a reasonable price.

Greatness in socks comes down to a few simple things. First, they have to be comfortable, which means high-quality cotton and good knitting machines. Durability is next--they need to stand up to wear and washing without shedding, and keep their shape and elasticity so they don't fall down. Somehow, we've managed to achieve the standard I've been looking for. The price for this accomplishment is $24. While this may sound like a lot compared to what's out there, it's worth every penny when you realize, a year or two (or more) from now, that you haven't had to replace them.