Keith Haring x Save the Children - Cover

Keith Haring x Save the Children

For the holiday season this year we’re using the same piece of art we used last year, Keith Haring’s Mother and Child. Not only do we love the art, but it felt even more fitting because this year we’re donating all profits from the hoodies to Save the Children towards their work with helping children from war-torn Syria.

This winter more than 3,000 Syrian children are refugees, bordering on homelessness. Save the Children has been active in the region since the 1950’s, and working with Syrian refugees specifically since 2012, providing education, shelter, child protection, and organizing projects including art-based therapy for children. They do anything they can to help improve the physical and mental wellbeing of these kids and their families. Save The Children has also been one of the most active organizations raising awareness on the growing refugee crisis, and the need for humanitarian aid.
As we continue to grow as a company and brand, we see more and more opportunities to help people in need. We’re happy we have the chance to make an impact when we can. We’d like to thank Artestar and the Keith Haring Foundation for allowing us the privilege of using Keith Haring’s art in such a positive way. We’re sure it’d make Keith proud.Happy Holidays, from your friends at NOAH.