If we were to think of one word to describe Roxy Music, it would be singular. There are few bands that tell you exactly who they are from the first moments of their first album, and fewer still that stay true to themselves through their artistic evolution in a way that captures the imagination decades later. It’s a special quality that Roxy Music doesn’t just have - it’s one they helped define.

That first song on their debut album is “Re-make / Re-model,” from 1972. It bursts forward with energy and ideas and takes you on a ride so thrilling it feels dangerous. On this song and so many others to come, Roxy Music did no less than re-write the rules - of what a song could be, of what an instrument could do, of how each member could bring their complete selves to a band and still sound cohesive. Of how you could embrace the future without throwing away the past.

Their look was similarly distinctive and ground-breaking. And not just the way they dressed, but the way they made use of every visual tool available at the time - album artwork, posters, press photos. The best way we can put it is they built a world in so much detail that was easy to imagine yourself actually being there. You can imagine the furnishings, the soundtrack, the way the other people are dressed - in animal prints, vampire collars, tailored jackets, and shiny fabrics. It has an edgy glamour whose appeal never seems to fade.

It’s this world building and steadfast sense of identity that make Roxy Music such a beacon of light for us. We remember what it’s like to grow up, locking ourselves in our bedroom to escape into new worlds and possibilities through headphones, surrounding ourselves with posters of our heroes to make us feel less alone, less unsure. Heroes that inspired us to embrace our true selves even if those around us didn’t. Heroes like Roxy Music.