This Tee Is Recycled (But That's Not Why You Should Buy It) - Cover

This Tee Is Recycled (But That's Not Why You Should Buy It)

When we set out to create our Recycled Cotton Tee, we wanted the recycled component to be a bonus. We didn't want to sacrifice quality or hand feel just to say we'd made something recycled.

Every season, fabric mills market more and more "sustainable" materials to clothing brands. Wading through the overwhelming amount of options in this category can get incredibly confusing. But it soon becomes clear that, of the very few fabrics that are actually 100% recycled, there are even fewer legitimate choices. Some are inferior from a long-term usage standpoint; others have absurdly high minimums, making them cost-prohibitive for a company our size.

The product we ended up with is even better than we'd hoped. These tees are tough, and they wash incredibly well. They feel like a heavyweight tee without being too heavy for everyday wear or layering. If you didn't know these were made from 100% recycled cotton, you'd think they were simply one of the best basic tees available, which is true. They just also happen to be recycled.