In Detail: PUMA Star - Cover

In Detail: PUMA Star

Introducing the PUMA x Noah Star. Well, not exactly…

The PUMA Star is a re-issue of the PUMA Wimbledon, a professional tennis shoe from the late ‘70s, named after the oldest and most prestigious of all Grand Slam Tournaments.

This model was never released in the USA, and although you are unlikely to see anybody playing tennis in them today, they embody the sport’s appreciation for tasteful performance and off-the-court elegance.


The design features a stitched-on rubber cup sole with a split herringbone traction outsole profile and a perforated Formstrip. For their debut in the American market, we opted to keep the sneakers white with blue, a nod to PUMA’s heritage colorways.

Noah is proud to bring back the PUMA Star classic silhouette for its global relaunch, available exclusively from Noah on June 29th and PUMA Select retailers on July 1.