It's a strange time to be opening a new business. When we began the process of creating a Noah store in Osaka, Japan, the idea of a global pandemic shutting down economies worldwide did not seem possible. But here we are, and our newest location is ready to open its doors.

Our goal in opening the Osaka store during such difficult times is to show faith–faith that we, as a global community, can do our part to overcome the problems facing the human race. We believe that perseverance, in the face of both the literal disease ravaging the globe and the sickness of racism that continues to warp American society, is the only course of action. Opening our doors is our way of affirming that humanity cannot be stopped. We encourage anyone who feels comfortable to come by and say hello, no need to shop. We will, of course, be taking all precautions to protect the health of both our customers and staff.

Noah Osaka is located in the former home of The Noodle Shop. It was one of the first locations we looked at, and we were immediately intrigued by its heritage–a traditional Japanese house that had been a family-run noodle shop and restaurant for over 100 years. The owner showed us a photo album dating back to when his mother started the business, and we felt an instant connection. The Noodle Shop had so much character, it was important for us to allow some of its century-old elements to remain. It wasn't possible to include a full kitchen in the new store, but we found a way to keep the noodle-serving tradition alive.

The symbol of the Noah Osaka opening is Kibori Kuma, a wood carving of a bear with a salmon in its mouth that represents a rural artisanal tradition in Japan. These bears were originally produced by farmers as a source of income in wintertime. Kibori Kuma conjures positive memories for members of our new team, many of whose grandparents display the carvings in the entryways of their homes. We like the idea that this image can exist anywhere in the world. We also see it as a symbol of the balance in nature, and the responsibility each species has for one another.

Noah Noodle Shop
Opens this Saturday, June 27th

1-15 -13 Minami Horie Nishi-ku
Osaka, Japan
TEL: +81 6 6535 7010
Hours: 11:30-20:00