Nothing Sacred - Cover

Nothing Sacred

With the speed that news and information moves at, it feels like facts and context are being rendered irrelevant. More than ever, there is a desensitizing race to the headline. Watching the news in the past few weeks, the phrase “nothing sacred” has been ringing more and more true to us every day. Our national moral compass has been broken. A humanitarian crisis has been reduced to an internet argument. The hate and racism that was laying dormant has bubbled up, becoming a normalized part of our national conversation. Free speech is only granted to those in power. The supposed leader of the free world spews propaganda and lies on national television. After every terrible or catastrophic event we’re bombarded with opinions trying to justify motives of those in the wrong. From climate change deniers to gun industry lobbyists, hate groups to right wing nationalists, nothing is off limits anymore, people will find their own twisted way to explain it all away.

Whenever we see something that outrages us, we feel the need to say something. This time though it was more ambiguous. How can we convey this uncomfortable feeling through our clothing? We only have our own brand to work within, but it feels like even what we wear has become subject to this race to the end product, a personal style or look without the context or history behind it. If truly nothing is sacred, we’ll throw our own logo into the fire. We never thought anyone would want to be a walking billboard for us, nor would we ask people to. Over time though, we started talking about the things we stand for, where our principles lie, and people started making their own associations about what our brand means to them. So if we can quite literally turn our logo on its head as a simplified statement, does it change who we are? If we point out that nothing is sacred, can we have a conversation about how we got here?

We’ve always believed that businesses should be built with a mission to do good, instead of prioritizing profit margins. We’re small, but since day one we’ve been committed to doing what we can. Whether it's making the people we interact with aware of an issue, or raising money for a cause we believe in. Maybe its because of all the madness going on in our world that we’ve been able to see how much the greater community around our brand can do together. That’s what gives us a bit more energy to push forward. If truly nothing is sacred, it falls upon us as a group of individuals to make the right choices where others won’t.