Whitney Museum Shop: What Color Are You? - Cover

Whitney Museum Shop: What Color Are You?

We have collaborated with the Whitney Museum Shop on an exclusive collection of limited-edition hoodies. Inspired by the concept of color, we have produced 200 of our signature hoodies in one of a kind hues. Each has been hand-dyed by Jasmine Plantin, a textile artist and designer whose work explores ethnocultural dynamics within the African diaspora. The remaining hoodies will feature a silkscreen print of the starling, a bird that has color perception far beyond human capacity. Although there are millions of starlings in the United States, they are not native to North America and were first introduced in 1891 when a group of Shakespeare enthusiasts released 100 into Central Park. Like so many New Yorkers, they are thriving immigrants.

To accompany this collaboration, we’ve photographed a diverse group of New Yorkers wearing the hoodie of their choice. Asked to describe the color of hoodie chosen and what color they are themselves, we think the results encapsulate how truly subjective the way we each see color is.

The hoodies, portraits, and a short film of the interviews will be included in an installation as part of the Whitney Shop’s New York Story (September 18th - November 18th). All hoodies will be sold exclusively at The Whitney Shop in New York City and online at https://shop.whitney.org/apparel-accessories/noah-x-whitney.html/a>.