Vuarnet - Cover


When we first opened the Noah store in New York, I was really only looking to carry one brand of eyewear: Vuarnet. I had fond memories of both their designs and quality from my past, and it seemed like every older guy I looked up to--on the water or the mountain--swore by the brand. Their sunglasses had become almost impossible to find in the States, however, so Noah's launch seemed like the perfect time to bring them back.

I found myself pouring over frames on their website before we opened, while construction was still going on all around us. The high quality and sporty style were just as I'd remembered. When we first got in touch with them, they were a bit unsure about Noah. Who were we? Did we deserve to stock Vuarnet? Did we make good stuff, or were we going to close our doors in six months?

Luckily, our contact believed in what we were doing, and pushed us through to the higher-ups in France. We opened with a selection of their products, and they've been a perfect fit for Noah's philosophy and aesthetic since. Their sport frames are designed to handle all conditions, from mountain sports to sailing (and everything in between), while retaining a classic, elegant look.

So when it came time to create our own custom sunglasses, it was an obvious choice to partner with Vuarnet. They had a style in development which we knew we wanted to work with as soon as we saw it. We developed three versions, each designed for different uses based on the colors and features of the lenses. We think you'll agree that these exclusive, made-in-France, Noah versions of classic eyewear offer a perfect combination of form and function.

We've added a small collection of clothing and accessories to accompany the release. Vuarnet's aesthetic lends itself to the simple, clean profiles of tees and hoodies, along with a corduroy hat that stood out in my memories of gear featuring the brand's classic logo. Totes, beach towels, and swim trunks were natural additions for the upcoming season, and we've included Vuarnet's new, multi-colored lettering logo, for those who remember a time when color wasn't just an option for summer, but a requirement.