Noah x Vans - SS21 - 1
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Vans OG Style 24LX

With the launch of our Vans OG Style 24LXs we wanted to showcase and pay tribute to the Venice curbs and their role in skateboarding. The curbs have a long and historical existence in the creative development in skateboarding, from Natas Kaupas and Eric Dressen in the old Speed Wheels/Santa Cruz videos, to Tim Gavin in Tim and Henry's Pack of Lies, and beyond. One theory is that these curbs have withstood the test of time decade after decade simply because of them being flat out fun. From this, skateboarding has continued to blossom and progress with the great intention of fun.

Noah x Vans - SS21 - 5

Our version features an abstract camouflage, which as a style of print, was not uncommon during the time of when the shoes first released in the late 80s. Some of Vans riders such as Jeff Grosso can be seen wearing this style in his section skating a vert ramp in Speed Freaks. The rubberized toe increased durability for knee slides and overall strength compared to an all canvas toe; with this detail, skaters were able to get more life out of the shoes.

Noah x Vans OG Style 24LXs releases this Thursday.

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