Noah x Authentic One Piece VLT LX

The Van Doren Rubber Company introduced their first deck shoe, originally called Style 44, in the late 1960's. Now known as the Vans Authentic, the shoe attracted skateboarders all over Southern California for its tough construction and sticky gum sole. We've taken a very simplistic approach with our version of Style 44 by removing all seams from the front toe cap and using one piece of suede for the entire makeup of the exterior. This leaves a clean silhouette with less stitching (which can wear out over time).

Noah x Era VLT LX

With a combination of suede, canvas, and corduroy panels, our Vans Era (style 95) pays homage to the brand's first shoe designed for skateboarding in 1976. Our version uses a mix of patterns and colors inspired by the mid-80's, when surf and skate cultures meshed into a particular style of controlled chaos. It was a time when surfers were finally beginning to look to skaters for cues: their aggression, aerials, and emerging style was becoming something unique, after countless years of borrowing the aesthetics of surfing.