Noah x Niwaki - Cover

Noah x Niwaki

Niwaki is precisely our kind of people. We admire their perfectionism and care, bringing impeccable design and Japanese craftsmanship into any green space, from quiet country gardens to urban window boxes alike. So, we’re thrilled to pair two of our modern workwear classics–a chore coat made from Japanese denim and a made-in-USA multi-tote garden bag–with exclusive takes on two of their most sought-after tools.

Each Niwaki order will come with a free packet of Pollinator-Friendly Wildflower Seeds (*while supplies last, for domestic orders only). Bees are one of the most important pollinator species to our food supply and ecosystems, but in recent years bee health has been on a steady decline. By planting more bee-attractive flowers, not only in wild environments but specifically urban as well, we can help to provide bees with nectar that is critical to their survival, and ours.

Our FW ‘23 Niwaki campaign was photographed on Long Island, in the pick-your-own flowers and other gardens at HOG Farm in Brookhaven, NY. The collection will be available Thursday 8/31, 11 AM ET.