Kevin Cummins - Cover

Kevin Cummins

I started out trying to do all of the research I could on Kevin Cummins to write this piece. I quickly realized that wouldn't be genuine. When I was a teenager I had never heard of Kevin Cummins. I knew his photos but didn't know who he was. I didn't really care who took the photos of my favorite bands. It was unknown to me just how important the man behind the camera could be. He brought visibility to the music that I loved. I couldn't know at the time that it wasn't going to be just The Smiths and Joy Division but eventually all of the bands that I grew to love from a city I would not visit until many years later, The Stone Roses, Happy Mondays, New Order and on and on. Kevin Cummins's photos completed the story.

Now that I could see the music and the places that inspired it in all its postindustrial glory, the music became even more alive. Thanks to the visuals Kevin created, allowing a suburban kid from America a glimpse in to the world that gave rise to some of the most beautiful and melancholic music that may ever be created. Thank you Manchester, and thank you Kevin.

We'd also like to thank Sonic Editions for helping make this collaboration happen. You can buy framed prints of Kevin Cummins's work from their website here.