Noah x Bandit Seadog 120 - Cover

Noah x Bandit Seadog 120

By one view, running is everything: the absolute most that any of us can ask from our bodies alone. It’s you, an origin, destination, and all the hills and valleys, puddles and pedestrians in between. By another, it’s all of these and so much less. One step after the next, the purest, simplest activity in the world regardless of distance or pace. And, crucially, it’s the unique mental clarity that is rewarded to all of us who pursue this most inclusive and unforgiving sport.

At Noah, our interest in running has always been rooted in encouraging activity - whether alone or with friends. So we’re thrilled this month to partner with some New York neighbors who, though we take different approaches to apparel, share our commitment to detail, care, and building communities local and beyond.

On September 10, we teamed up with Bandit for a first-of-its-kind on the East Coast ultramarathon relay race. We each arranged a team of seven runners, equally diverse in gender, who set off from Bandit’s Greenpoint shop and traveled the 120 miles across the length of Long Island, finishing at our storefront in Amagansett. Our hope is that this fresh perspective on racing will be the first of many to come, offering chances to enrich New York’s running communities and produce images and stories that invite new bodies, new minds into the comradery and challenges of running, no matter their ability.