Noah Surf - Spring / Summer 2022 - Cover

Noah Surf - Spring / Summer 2022

Summer in the Northeast means long, hot summer days that are hopefully filled with some fun local wind swell that keeps us in the water and our toes in the wax as we wait for more powerful swells to come along during the fall hurricane season. Just a quick ride down the road depending on where the sandbars have shifted, our Amagansett shop is perfectly situated to take advantage of just that: waist to chest high summer swells with a buddy in tow to trade waves & boards with.

Come visit us post surf at the Noah Hideout in Amagansett and kick back on our lawn to beat the heat this summer season. The shop is stocked with all your surf needs from boards by Covello Surf Designs & Storyteller Surfboards,to wetsuits, leashes, and wax.