Noah Surf: Spring 2023 - Cover

Noah Surf: Spring 2023

We went all in West Coast for our SS23 season’s surf offering. The West Coast was the original epicenter for the surf industry — each beach town up and down the coast boasted their own shaper or shapers which not only had factories but brick and mortar shops for their boards. This is where surf culture grew out of and is something that has been a major influence to us here at Noah in how we view our own shops and the way we develop the goods that go on them. So for this season, we went back to where it all started.

Surfboards shaped by Allan Gibbons • Wetsuits produced by 7Till8 • Surfing by Noah Collins • Film by Quinn Graham
NOAH - SS23 - Spring 2023 Surf - 01 NOAH - SS23 - Spring 2023 Surf - 02 NOAH - SS23 - Spring 2023 Surf - 03 NOAH - SS23 - Spring 2023 Surf - 04
NOAH - SS23 - Spring 2023 Surf - 05

A note on our Spring / Summer‘23 surfboard collection.

For our SS23 season we hooked up with Santa Barbara, California-based shaper Allan Gibbons. Allan’s fascination with shaping started at the age of 14 when he peeled the glass off an old board and reshaped it. It came out horrible, but he was hooked and led him down a path which he is still on today crafting boards for everyone from the high caliber pro to your average Joe - and everyone in between.

Gibbons comes from a corner of the Earth that has left a huge mark on the surf world through its design innovation over the years. These contributions range from George Greenough's funky Wilderness shop, to Rennie Yater's super-clean factory, to Al Merrick's Channel Islands where Allan was a shaper for many years - producing boards that have been under the feet of some of the top surfers on the planet.

Since leaving Channel Islands, Allan now produces boards under his own label Allan Gibbons Designs and has more than etched himself into the rich history of the Santa Barbara shaping pedigree.

We are very grateful to be able to offer Allan’s board he created for us at our Noah Amagansett, Noah Clubhouse Japan, and our online store.

NOAH - SS23 - Spring 2023 Surf - 06 NOAH - SS23 - Spring 2023 Surf - 07 NOAH - SS23 - Spring 2023 Surf - 08 NOAH - SS23 - Spring 2023 Surf - 09