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Growing up on the South Shore of Long Island, I was raised on the beach, and it was the center of our universe. From hot summer days to brisk winter walks, the beach provided a backdrop and an escape that was always within reach. It was almost inevitable that surfing would make its way into my life, with so much time spent on the shore. It was just as inevitable that Noah would eventually start offering surfboards and surfing gear.

The opening of our Amagansett store provided the perfect location to feature our first collection of custom-shaped surfboards, as well as wetsuits, leashes, and wax–all the essentials needed to get in the water. It's a bit of a dream come true for me to find my way back to the business that got me here.

Working at a surf and skate shop is what led me to eventually go into design, but it also had another, perhaps more profound, impact. Rick, my boss and the owner of the shop, was the first person who got me thinking about how businesses could choose to operate in ways that considered the environment. I didn't know it then, but those conversations would stay with me forever.

Over the coming seasons, we'll continue to feature shapers whose work we respect and admire to bring highly curated collections of handmade surfboards with quality graphics to our local surfing community. Surfboard shaping is an art form, and we're proud to work with those who've committed their lives to learning such a difficult and under-recognized skill. Our first batch of boards comes from Jordan Brazie, whom I'd like to formally thank for working with us.

-Brendon Babenzien

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