Noah Footwear: Fall 2023 - Cover

Noah Footwear: Fall 2023

You can tell a lot about a person from the shoes they choose.
For Fall /Winter 2023 we wanted to work with 3 styles that came across as timeless, tough, and elegant all at once.
We tend to take the more extreme side of preppy in our designs, which for us often comes out of silhouettes historically categorized as women’s. It’s a reaction to us always liking women's colors, patterns and styles. In this case we’ve applied it to shoes for our new Buckle Loafer.
Put simply, we believe in time. Like the time it takes to develop and hone a process toward perfection. We believe in history, and the hard-earned reputations that accrue over years and decades, or in Solovair’s case, more than a century in the same brick factory in England’s Northamptonshire. We believe in commitments to places and people, like the generations of workers who scrupulously cut Solovair’s leather uppers and fuse them onto their signature soft and springy soles, all inside this one factory, and all by hand.
Relationships, also, are rooted in time. And the best of them, friendships and collaborations of every sort, are the ones that, just when you think you’ve got them dialed, find new ways to surprise. This season, our partnership with Solovair has done just that, with two new models exclusive to Noah for Fall of 2023.
The first is a tonal snakeskin offering — a deep cherry at once subtle and striking, in their classic, three-eye Gibson with an embossed Noah cross on the heel. The second is a six-eye Loredo boot available in black and oxblood, with a removable tassel kilty exclusive to Noah to further customize your look. Since, after all, needs will change depending on the time.



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