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Noah Cross Country

With the launch of our cross country collection, we met up with our own Maxwell Thompson for a run through the city streets and paths that criss-cross Central Park. A longtime distance runner and advocate of wearing what feels truly functional for his daily runs as the weather starts to turn colder, we wanted his take on what makes sense for that “run-life” balance.

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“Running clothes have always been one or the other – or at least that’s how they’ve always been developed & marketed. You wear them to run and workout, then you change and carry on with your day. I never liked that. My favorite days are ones that start off with a run and lead directly into bouncing around the city to grab coffee, meet friends, maybe run some errands and spend time in the park. For myself and most of the runners that I know, running is such an integral part of their lives that compartmentalizing what they wear in such a manner never really makes sense.

Most workout clothes are made with the singular focus of optimizing performance for the run itself – but why? How many runners need hyper-specific performance details in their shorts for their Tuesday morning base miles or for their Saturday medium long run? Even professional athletes aren’t working out with hyper precision 7 days a week.

I think everyone should challenge themselves to change the way they interact with their workout clothes. Try running in the flannel you wore yesterday for dinner, in your favorite vintage t-shirt, a pair of cut off sweat pants you’d wear for a coffee, or a lightweight wool sweater you’d wear to work. Your relationship with the sport in your life will change. In my opinion, over-emphasizing performance for running clothes impedes on the freeing act of letting your legs take you places. Clothes are meant to be worn – especially ours. And trust me – coming from someone who has run more than one ultra-marathon in our shorts - they can handle the miles.”

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Made in Scotland, this 100% Shetland wool sweater maintains warmth while still allowing for breathability and movement on colder days due to its open structure and lighter weight. While not as light as Merino - traditionally used in many base-layer applications, Shetland wool is known to be highly durable, allowing it to take a beating through the years without losing any of its functional properties or look.

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Our cool-weather running shorts showcase some of our premiere fabrics in an athletic format. These pairs feature sturdy, elegant, 8-wale corduroy. Their weight provides an extra touch of core warmth for running on chilly days, and their cut, softness, and merino liner provide legitimate activewear functionality. They're built to last and humbly we believe they're the best shorts around, which is why six years later they remain a brand staple.

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Made in Portugal using 100% cotton heavyweight thermal, this polo will function easily as a standalone top for colder days. We’ve included a thumb hole at the cuff for added hand protection as well.

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