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Our bags are made in the USA.

We’ve talked in the past about our ongoing search to find manufacturing partners who treat their employees well and can deliver great product at a good value. And when we find a partner in the USA that can deliver the goods, we’re always thrilled.

But if we’re being honest, it can be hard to do. Our country lost a lot of manufacturing know-how when companies started to shift production overseas - another casualty of our country’s destructive appetite for cheap goods. While there are a lot of places that can do a simple bag really well, we’ve never been about keeping it safe or limiting ourselves.

So the path we’ve chosen is to work with our American partners to expand their skills and capabilities to meet our needs. Like anything new, it can take a number of tries to get something right - making sure the shape and build quality are at a level we can stand behind. Sometimes the process takes so long that the bag releases months after we originally planned. Other times, we just can’t make it work and have to put the concept on a shelf. As frustrating as it can feel when our ideas remain just out of reach, it only makes it all the sweeter when we pull them off.

Because of everything we put into them, every bag we sell that is made in the USA feels like a win to us. Because the more companies like us turn to American manufacturing, the better and bigger it gets. In the six years we’ve been in business, we’ve seen our options for making product in the US grow. And that’s something we’re proud to be part of, even in a small way.

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