Noah Denim

Jun 25, 2020

Our selvedge denim is expertly crafted in Japan utilizing old world weaving techniques—the result is a highly compact, dense cloth which differs greatly from the conventional denim you see on the market today. The beauty in this style of weaving is the unique character in all the fabric produced. Every pair of jeans will be slightly different in appearance, with varying yarn character at the surface of the fabric. Both styles of jeans we’re offering this season start with the same beautiful, indigo selvedge denim made on narrow vintage looms. We decided to wash out our new pleated jeans for a warm weather hand and look. Our classic 5-pocket jeans will wear beautifully over time creating a unique look for every wearer. Denim jeans, to us, are so versatile and truly defined by who and how it’s worn—whether it’s with a white tee or a sport coat, it all works.