By doing "the work that makes all other work possible," domestic workers fill some of the most crucial professional roles in our economy. Yet as a labor force, they are typically denied recognition and fair treatment, both in terms of public perception and inclusion in labor laws. The nannies who care for people's children so they can work, the cleaners who make homes livable and organized, and the care workers who help the elderly and disabled lead independent lives with dignity often struggle to earn a living wage, and only rarely benefit from workplace policies that are standard in other fields, such as paid sick leave, vacation time, and health and life insurance. The changes wrought by the Coronavirus crisis have had an especially strong impact on this already-vulnerable group.

Noah is now offering an option at checkout to donate to the National Domestic Workers Alliance, who have established the Coronavirus Care Fund for their thousands of members who either can't work due to social distancing guidelines, or who are continuing to support frontline medical workers through their services. Established in 2007, NDWA advocates for the rights of its thousands of members (a majority of whom are women of color or from immigrant populations) and provides them with leadership opportunities. Please consider giving what you can to this organization during this difficult time, and helping these hard-working professionals access relief.