Michael Muller - Cover

Michael Muller

On Thursday, May 17th, we will be releasing three t-shirts in collaboration with photographer Michael Muller. They will be available exclusively at Dover Street Market London and the Dover Street Market London webstore as part of their Photo London Exhibition.

Noah is always looking for ways to talk about sharks and the stress humans have put them under. They're being slaughtered across the world, and this places the entirety of our oceans at risk. Losing apex predators in any environment can lead to imbalances capable of destroying entire ecosystems.

So when we discovered Michael Muller's book, Sharks. Face-to-Face with the Ocean's Endangered Predator, it was obvious we should have it in our store. Michael Muller is an accomplished photographer whose work includes portraits of some of the most iconic actors, musicians and athletes of our time, but he's also devoted a huge part of his life and art to photographing sharks. Inspired by his instinctive admiration of these misunderstood animals and his awareness of the danger they're in, he's roamed the world's oceans to photograph them firsthand. He swims with them without cages, and has figured out how to dive with an elaborate custom lighting rig--effectively developing a kind of portable underwater photo studio--to document these powerful, enigmatic creatures in dramatic, arresting detail. His work is a combination of nature photography, art and adventure sport rolled into one.

“My wife Estelle encouraged me to reach out and see if we could work together. To my surprise, Michael not only agreed to let us use his photos but came to visit us in the store with his entire family in tow. He's one of the nicest people you could meet, and he loved our approach. From there, it was simply a matter of choosing images from his work--easier said than done, given the quality and scope of what he's been able to document over the last decade.” – Brendon Babenzien

We eventually settled on three images, and managed to have them included at DSM Photo London exhibition. Many thanks to Michael Muller, and may he continue to show us one of our oceans' most majestic, under-appreciated species in such new, visceral and exciting ways.