Louis Philo - Cover

Louis Philo

We're proud to announce the presentation of Louis Philo’s work titled "Perfectly Imperfect". We’d love to say this happened because we have some keen insight into the art world and we're advanced, but sadly the story of how we arrived at showing Louis’ work is much more simple, and perhaps even boring. A good friend of the brand posted a photo on Instagram and we felt compelled to inquire as to what we were looking at. An introduction followed and we quickly concluded that we should be working together in some capacity. Several months later and here we are, proud to be displaying Louis’ work in all of the Noah locations.

Without knowing what inspired Louis’ work, we were drawn to the simple use of color and shape. It's probably obvious, but we love stripes, color and nature. Louis’ work incorporates all of those things brilliantly. What we didn't know is that there was so much more to the story. It turns out Louis' influences range from a feeling of emotional and physical displacement, not too dissimilar from the original convicts being shipped off to the penal colony of Australia from England, to the Japanese concept of Wabi Sabi - the state of impermanence and the strength and beauty in acknowledging and celebrating the imperfections in life. We have been influenced by this concept greatly, and as we dug deeper into Louis's work, we continued to find similarities in our view of the world.

For this reason, we are proud to announce a worldwide exhibition of works by Louis Philo in all our Noah locations. The work will be on display from Thursday, June 27 through July 25th during store hours.