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Lonely Whale

Noah is a proud member of 1% for the Planet, an international organization whose members contribute at least one percent of their annual revenue to environmental causes. As members we try to highlight a new non-profit each season by giving our customers the option to make a donation to them at checkout. For 2023, we’ve chosen Lonely Whale, an award-winning organization with a mission to ensure plastic waste does not find its way into the ocean and into the homes of the animals that live there.

The organization is named after the loneliest whale in the world, rumored to be located in the Pacific Ocean. Scientists have only been able to prove its existence by the 52 hertz vocal frequency—too high to communicate with other whales—thus leaving it to live a life of solitude. The story of “52,” as the whale has become known, is one of an individual voice simply trying to be understood, a trait that we at Noah hold in a high regard and strive to embrace as a brand.

Lonely Whale has spearheaded highly impactful movements around the world with amazing results. Their campaigns have contributed to the elimination of billions of single-use plastics, including straws and water bottles, in schools, businesses and communities around the world and have also launched more than 330 products made with ocean-bound plastics through the only global network of ocean-bound plastic suppliers.

Lonely Whale’s latest initiative is the TOM FORD Plastic Innovation Prize, in partnership with the acclaimed fashion label. The prize specifically addresses the 180 billion single-use, thin-film polybags used by the fashion industry every year. Noah is proud to be an early adopter of this project, committed to testing materials, packaging, and supply chain solutions proposed by the finalists and winners of the Prize.

It’s a rare opportunity to help develop and foster more responsible methods of doing business, and helps us stay true to the ethos of the brand we’ve had since day one. In order to amplify this endeavor, we encourage our customers to consider adding a donation to Lonely Whale with every purchase, further strengthening our investment into the organization.

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