Know The Ledge - Cover

Know The Ledge

Chris and Beth Gibbs, owners of UNION in Los Angeles, have been in our life forever and we legitimately consider them family. There are few people that have been around as long and been consistently on point when it comes to choices, both stylistically and creatively. I personally credit Chris for inventing an entire style genre.

He was the first kid I knew who was able to borrow from multiple sub cultures organically to create an entirely new look that was his. When everyone around us was hyper focused on their shit being super crispy, Chris was comfortable showing up in some beat up old vintage work pants. This wasn't some vague attempt at just being different. This was innate. His style compass was just fundamentally on point. I attribute this to the person that he is. An honest person who does what he feels. He may not consider himself Punk Rock but I do. You can't get more genuine than Chris and his store UNION historically exemplifies this. If you don't know the role he and Beth have played in this game than take my word for it, or don't, and just ask around.

Their latest endeavor is a collaboration with Vans entitled Know The Ledge. We're proud to announce the release this Saturday. Spring colors and old school floral and surf vibes just in time for real Spring weather.

Available in-store only April 1st