Joshua Ellis Cashmere - Cover

Joshua Ellis Cashmere




When the Joshua Ellis textile mill was founded in Batley, West Yorkshire in 1767, the site was chosen due to the quality of the water in local streams, which lent woollen fabrics a particularly soft hand after the wet finishing process. Such an industrial connection to nature may seem remarkable today, but the mill is still in Batley nearly 250 years later, and it continues to produce some of the world’s finest cashmere.

Staying put despite economic pressures and the closing of many nearby mills illustrates an even deeper connection to place: like vintners in Burgundy or watchmakers in Geneva, the handing down of skills and knowledge can become rooted to a geographical location. Textile workers from West Yorkshire are no different, and part of Joshua Ellis’ successful model has been to remain where the small pool of craftspeople versed in its traditions still live.

In addition to embodying Noah’s ideals of quality, sustainability and respect for its employees and heritage, Joshua Ellis’ cashmere is also, self-evidently, some of the very best in existence. Noah is proud to offer a collection of its richly colored scarves, as well as three ultra-luxurious cashmere blankets.

Noah’s definition of luxury has nothing to do with status or manufactured exclusivity. To us, it means the history, craft, and care that still gets poured into a product like Joshua Ellis cashmere. Despite a global climate in which it’s so cost-effective to abandon these intangibles, we think you’ll agree they make all the difference.