Jolie Rouge

Skateboarding has been part of Noah since its beginning. Before the opening of our flagship store in 2015, Noah's first introduction to the world was a small pop-up shop on Broadway with a few racks of clothing and a small skate bowl. Many of us grew up with skateboarding as a huge part of our lives, so naturally it's had a big influence on the company.

Although we've never called ourselves a skateboarding brand, the idea of a skate team has always made sense, and representing skaters in such a direct way sounded like an incredible opportunity. Talk of starting a team has bounced around behind closed doors at Noah since we started, but it wasn't until early 2019 that it finally materialized. Not too long after that, the first bits of a skate video began to come together. It was a natural next step which has recently become a finished product.

We are very proud to announce Noah's skateboarding team, with members Bobby de Keyzer, Chris Milic, Coles Bailey, Hjalte Halberg, Kyota Umeki, Nick Michel, Quinn Batley, and Troy Gipson, who are featured in our first skate video, Jolie Rouge, created by Alex Greenberg.

Many theories exist about the origin of the Jolly Roger. One theory is that it evolved out of the french term Jolie Rouge - which happens to be the red cross used in the Noah logo. It is said that the Knights Templar, who at the time had the most powerful navy in the known world, flew the flag of the Jolie Rouge. Legend has it that they controlled tremendous wealth and used it to loan money, even to Kings.

One such king, Philip IV of France in collusion with Pope Clement the V, deeply in debt to the Templars, outlawed the Templars. On a fateful Friday, the 13th to be exact, orders throughout Europe came down to arrest the Templars ending their reign of power and simultaneously freeing King Philip of his debt. However, some of the Templars were warned and found escape on their ships. Over time, it is said they evolved into outlaws and became pirates flying the flag of the Jolly Roger, the skull and crossbones.

To commemorate Noah's first-ever skate video, we have produced a special edition Houndstooth Jolly Roger Hoodie.