International Women’s Day - Cover

International Women’s Day

We love it when women wear our clothes. In fact, the consensus here is that whenever they like and wear something we make, it's a marker of our best work.

Powerful women have always gone their own way to create new ideas about what it means to be feminine. Their style choices have played a major role in breaking down stereotypes and creating new norms. In honor of International Women's Day this Sunday, we wanted to celebrate this energy in an editorial cast, styled, produced, and photographed by women, and featuring women whose strength, independence, and expertise we admire.

We will be donating 25% of our total in-store and online sales from now through Sunday, March 8th to Kula Project, which offers a path out of poverty for people in Rwanda by helping create opportunities for entrepreneurship. Their work fosters a spirit of productive independence exemplified by the subjects of this shoot.