In Detail: Windowpane Shirt Jacket - Cover

In Detail: Windowpane Shirt Jacket

Spring weather can be incredibly different from one day to the next, which makes spring outerwear tricky to nail down. Sometimes you need performance to fend off wind and rain, but then longer, sunnier days start to invite lighter colors and more freeing fabrics. Making a jacket intended for good weather instead of bad means striking a balance between high-quality materials and something that won't weigh you down.

Our Windowpane Shirt Jacket accomplishes this feat in a couple of ways. First, it's made from a custom Portuguese shirting fabric that's dense enough to block spring breezes while remaining well outside the weight class of twill or nylon. It maintains the refined hand of high-end shirting, but stands up to repeated wear, and won't get flimsy with age. Second, its design details are more jacket than shirt, incorporating an elastic waist and cuffs, welt pockets, and a storm-flap collar that can help you retain body heat if the temperature dips.

It's also simply fresh-looking for spring, as well as a piece that can legitimately make the transition and remain wearable all summer.

The Windowpane Shirt Jacket releases this Thursday, March 12th.